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If you want to make sure your new washing machine works optimally, give AC Plumbing a call today for professional washing machine installation!

Washing Machine Installation Plumber in Brisbane

Washing machines are one of the most indispensable appliances in the home, especially if you have a family. The average Australian produces up to 5 kg of washing per week and often does several laundry cycles in the same week. You never know how much you use your machine until it stops working.

Washing machines come in various shapes and sizes, and their effectiveness depends on several factors. One factor most people don’t think about is the installation of the machine. Incorrectly installed washing machines can produce a wide array of headaches, from poorly washed clothing to regularly flooding your home every time you do a wash.

That’s why it’s so important to hire a washing machine installation plumber to link your machine to a dedicated drain. Poorly fitted drain hoses will leak and can damage your washing machine as well as the floor underneath the machine. Our washing machine installation service team will test every connection to ensure that there are no leaks and your machine works optimally.

How to Install a Washing Machine

There are two main ways to drain water from a washing machine. The first is to hook the machine’s drain to the edge of the kitchen sink, which is effective enough as long as you don’t move the hose around. The more common method way is to attach the outlet directly to a dedicated drain. Most modern homes come with a dedicated washing machine drain, either in the kitchen or in the laundry room.

There are several other aspects that your washing machine fitter will need to keep in mind. Firstly, the machine needs to rest firmly on a solid floor, with all four feet on the ground. Any instability can cause the machine to tip over when in use.

We strongly recommend installing the machine on solid, non-porous material like tile to absorb vibrations and prevent water absorption in the event of a leak. Water pressure can affect the length of your wash cycles, with low pressure resulting in longer cycles.

While installing a washing machine seems simple, there’s a lot that can go wrong if installed incorrectly. We at AC Plumbing have enough experience as a washing machine installation service to ensure that your washing machine doesn’t leak and works at optimum capacity, giving you time to enjoy the finer things in life.

If you’ve bought a new washing machine and are looking for washing machine installation in Brisbane, don’t hesitate to give AC Plumbing a call today!


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