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All Australians know just how precious water is. As one of the largest landmasses in the world where 80% of the land experiences only 600mm of rainfall a year, even inhabitants of the big cities know that every drop is precious. A single leaking tap wastes 10,950 liters per year on average, and that’s unacceptable.

A leaking faucet can easily be fixed by checking for wear and tear in its gaskets and washers. Showerheads can leak from loose connections and might need some work with a wrench. A showerhead that leaks a small amount of water daily can waste thousands of gallons of water each month.

If you have trouble with your shower tap leaking or you need to replace tap washers in the kitchen, the job can be all too messy. Call us at AC Plumbing for a hassle-free and reliable fix to your leaking tap from anywhere in Brisbane, QLD.

Our team can handle any problems with your plumbing that might be causing your tap to leak. If it’s the tap itself, we can get it fixed in a matter of minutes. If it’s too much water pressure, some rust in the pipe joints, or some other unseen complication, we can also provide you with a long-lasting fix.

We didn’t become popular for leaking tap repairs in Brisbane just from good marketing. Check out our latest customer reviews and see how well we walk our talk.

Is your tap or mixer tap leaking?

The health of most taps can be preserved with a simple maintenance plan. However, if you know things are about to get messy, it’s always good to leave it to the professionals so you can be productive elsewhere. Here are just some of the taps we’ve experienced fixing:

  • Mixer taps
  • Pillar taps
  • Compression washer taps
  • Disc taps
  • Monobloc taps
  • Cartridge taps
  • Ball taps
  • Wall-mounted taps
  • Bath filler taps
  • Floor mounted taps

Mixer taps can be used with one hand, making them one of the best types for a kitchen, where people are often holding something else when using the sink. If you have a kitchen tap leaking, simply replacing the washer may do the trick. After turning off the water supply, plug in the sink, then remove the cover from the tap and remove the washer from underneath the valve. If it’s too stiff, put oil on it, and allow it to soak.

This might seem simple at first, but a tap can be made up of more than 10 different parts. If the tap is still leaking after your first attempt, call a professional to avoid doing more damage.

Call an expert team from AC Plumbing by dialing 1300 161 615. We provide the highest quality leaking tap repairs in the Brisbane, QLD area. We’ll make sure your faucets are mint, so you can sit back and focus on more productive tasks.


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Steve Goodwin


Contacted by Facebook 7pm to ask about fixing a concealed leak. Responded almost immediately, organised to come out next day. Turned up earlier, found the leak quickly and fixed that, as well as upgrading some taps, and replacing a water pump…
Megan Fisher


The AC team were great. From the very first phone call with Leanne to Andrew turning up the team were professional and friendly. Andrew made helpful observations and did a great (and fast) job of getting the job done.
Kevin Perry


Highly recommend. I called AC Plumbing at 11:30am to get a quote on replacing a Hot Water system. They were there in 30 minutes and the quote was very reasonable. I booked with them straight away and the job was done in under 4 hours…
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