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AC Plumbing is Brisbane’s most reliable gas hot water system company. Get in touch with our team today to discuss how we can help you access the industry’s top hot water systems!

Gas hot water systems are affordable and effective heating appliances that remain popular with Brisbane residents. If you’re seeking to upgrade your hot water system in your home, our team at AC Plumbing offers full-service installation solutions to clients throughout Brisbane, QLD. We work with instantaneous gas hot water systems and gas storage hot water systems. 

As licensed plumbers, we’re the perfect team to help you upgrade your hot water system in Brisbane. Whether it’s implementing a new water outlet or connecting your gas line to your heater, we’re here to help. 

Read our customer reviews to see what past clients think of our gas hot water system services! 

Instantaneous Gas Hot Water Systems

Waiting ages for your home’s water to reheat can be a nightmare if you live with family or housemates. Fortunately, instantaneous gas hot water systems – also known as instant gas hot water systems – now help you avoid the inconvenience of limited hot water. These modern systems provide a constant flow of heated water to your shower, taps, and other water outlets. 

Not only do these systems provide a continuous supply of hot water when you want it, but they also take up much less space than traditional tank-based water heaters. You won’t need any large appliances or accessories to complement this type of water heater. It can be fixed to your wall and connected directly to your water supply. 

Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

While instantaneous gas hot water systems provide a continuous flow of hot water, they lack the water pressure of traditional gas storage hot water systems. If you’re seeking a hot water system that provides steady water flow and exceptionally hot water, a gas storage solution might be a more suitable option. 

If you’d like to learn more about the best gas hot water systems Brisbane has to offer, feel free to contact us at AC Plumbing for additional information!

Call AC Plumbing for Brisbane’s Best Gas Hot Water Systems

At AC Plumbing, we provide affordable and effective installation services to our clients in Brisbane. If you’re searching for an Australian-owned business that’s trusted by countless Brisbane residents, our team is the perfect option. As licensed plumbers with extensive experience, we provide bespoke installation services that can reroute water lines, create bespoke heating system designs, and more. 

Check out what makes us such an excellent choice for gas hot water system services:

  • We’re an Australian-owned company. 
  • We’re fully licensed and insured. 
  • We provide around-the-clock services to our clients. 
  • All our projects run on time. 
  • We offer a 100% guarantee for all our services. 

Call AC Plumbing at 1300 161 615 to connect with Brisbane, QLD’s most trusted gas hot water system installation team!


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Steve Goodwin


Contacted by Facebook 7pm to ask about fixing a concealed leak. Responded almost immediately, organised to come out next day. Turned up earlier, found the leak quickly and fixed that, as well as upgrading some taps, and replacing a water pump…
Megan Fisher


The AC team were great. From the very first phone call with Leanne to Andrew turning up the team were professional and friendly. Andrew made helpful observations and did a great (and fast) job of getting the job done.
Kevin Perry


Highly recommend. I called AC Plumbing at 11:30am to get a quote on replacing a Hot Water system. They were there in 30 minutes and the quote was very reasonable. I booked with them straight away and the job was done in under 4 hours…
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