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We’re Brisbane’s most trusted continuous flow hot water installation team. Call us today to upgrade your hot water system!

Continuous flow hot water systems allow residents to access a non-stop supply of hot water. If you’re sick of the restrictions associated with traditional gas and electric heaters, a continuous flow hot water system puts the power back in your hands. If you need a continuous flow hot water system in Brisbane, QLD, AC Plumbing is the region’s most trusted installation service.

We install the most reliable continuous flow hot water systems Brisbane has to offer. Explore our customer reviews to see what our clients think of our company!

Electric Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

Electric continuous flow hot water systems utilise your home’s electrical outlets to generate hot water. As with the other types of continuous flow systems, electric systems are compact, so there’s no large tank or heating system to contend with. Water is heated as it passes through the appliance, so it’s heated as you need it.

If you’re searching for an effective hot water system that doesn’t require gas input, this is an excellent option. It’s particularly suitable for Brisbane residents who aren’t keen on gas appliances in their homes.

Benefits of electric continuous flow hot water systems:

  • No need for a gas supply.
  • Extremely effective at providing a constant flow of hot water.
  • Compact, tankless design.
  • Easy to hang on your home’s wall.

Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

Gas continuous flow hot water systems are the most efficient option for homeowners who want a constant flow of heated water. While your home will require a suitable gas line, this type of hot water system is extremely cost-effective and energy-efficient. Gas systems also tend to provide a more consistent supply of hot water.

In a similar fashion to electric designs, gas continuous flow hot water systems are compact. If you don’t have space in your home for a large water tank, this type of heating system is an excellent solution.

Benefits of gas continuous flow hot water systems:

  • Use your existing gas supply.
  • Extremely cost-effective and energy-efficient.
  • Powerful heating capabilities.
  • Compact design – no tank required.

If you’d like to learn more about our team and how we can help you implement a new heating system, we’re always available to speak to Brisbane residents.

Contact AC Plumbing for Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems in Brisbane

If you’re ready to harness the power of a continuous flow hot water system in Brisbane, it’s time to contact AC Plumbing. Not only can we install continuous flow hot water systems for local residents, but we can also adjust your plumbing system or water lines to suit your new system. As licensed plumbers, we’re uniquely equipped to make the installation or replacement process as seamless as possible.

Call AC Plumbing at 1300 161 615 today to access Brisbane, QLD’s best continuous flow hot water systems!


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Steve Goodwin


Contacted by Facebook 7pm to ask about fixing a concealed leak. Responded almost immediately, organised to come out next day. Turned up earlier, found the leak quickly and fixed that, as well as upgrading some taps, and replacing a water pump…
Megan Fisher


The AC team were great. From the very first phone call with Leanne to Andrew turning up the team were professional and friendly. Andrew made helpful observations and did a great (and fast) job of getting the job done.
Kevin Perry


Highly recommend. I called AC Plumbing at 11:30am to get a quote on replacing a Hot Water system. They were there in 30 minutes and the quote was very reasonable. I booked with them straight away and the job was done in under 4 hours…
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