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Access expert Brisbane hot water installation, replacement, and repair by calling AC Plumbing. 

If you’re seeking the services of an expert hot water plumber in Brisbane, QLD, our team at AC Plumbing is the city’s most trusted service. We provide hot water installation, hot water repair, and hot water replacement solutions to our clients throughout the region. Our trusted staff and technicians are here to help you get the most from your hot water system. Services we provide include:

  • Electric Hot Water System Installation
  • Gas Hot Water System Installation
  • Solar Hot Water System Installation
  • Heat Pump Hot Water System Installation
  • Instantaneous Hot Water System Installation

In addition to the above installation services, we also offer hot water repair services to Brisbane residents. Our team can diagnose, repair, and test any type of hot water system sold in Australia. Because of our experience, we can perform most installations very quickly to minimize any inconvenience to you.  

So, if you’re searching for the best hot water installation Brisbane has to offer, please check out our customer reviews to see how impressed our clients are.

Electric Hot Water System Installation

Many Brisbane residents use electric hot water systems to heat water in their homes. If you’re searching for an alternative to gas, this is an excellent solution. Not only does this type of appliance provide affordable water heating, but the hardware itself is very affordable. 

If using a gas system in your home makes you uneasy, electric systems provide excellent safety benefits. Consider the advantages of using an electric hot water heater in your home:

  • Low energy costs (extremely energy-efficient)
  • Low appliance costs
  • Safer to operate than gas water heaters (and other alternatives)

If you’re a resident or homeowner that already has an electric hot water system, you might feel it’s time for an upgrade. If your existing system is more than ten years old, you won’t benefit from recent technological developments in electric heaters. We can remove your current electric hot water system and replace it with a more advanced and efficient model. 

If you’re seeking advice on the best hot water heaters for Brisbane homes, we can walk you through the leading electric heaters on the market. After we understand a few details about your home (and your unique needs), we can help you choose the best electric heater for you. 

Gas Hot Water System Installation

If you’re interested in traditional gas hot water systems, our team at AC Plumbing has extensive experience implementing gas systems for Brisbane residents. While some residents have turned towards gas alternatives, gas is still a popular choice with families who need robust hot water systems. 

So, what are the key advantages of using a gas hot water system?

  • More hot water storage
  • Quicker recovery times (almost twice as fast as electric options)
  • Reasonable energy costs

If you want to install a gas hot water system in your Brisbane home, our plumbers offer timely and affordable installation services. If you’re building a new home or undergoing renovations, we can design a bespoke gas hot water system for your family. As plumbers and technicians, we have the needed expertise to create and install customized gas heating systems. 

Additionally, we offer gas hot water system replacement services. If your current system is faulty or in need of an upgrade, we’re happy to remove it and replace it with a more capable system.

Solar Hot Water System Installation

For Brisbane residents that want to reduce their impact on the environment, solar hot water systems are increasingly popular. Not only do these systems reduce your energy consumption, but they can also save you money. 

There are serious advantages that come with a solar hot water system installation in Brisbane:

  • Use energy from the sun to power your tank – green technology
  • More resilience to deal with electrical faults in your area 
  • Lower energy bills

Solar hot water system installation requires the expertise of a skilled installation team. At AC Plumbing, we’ve helped many Brisbane residents harness the power of the sun. We offer both installation and replacement services for clients seeking solar hot water systems. 

Are you searching for more information about our solar installation technicians? Get in touch with our office to discuss what we can offer to Brisbane residents.  

Heat Pump Hot Water System Installation

Instead of generating heat from electricity, heat pump hot water systems use electricity to transfer heat. The benefit of this heat transfer is that it requires much less energy input. If you’re seeking a more cost-effective electric heater, this might be the perfect solution. 

Some of the more prominent benefits of a heat pump hot water system are:

  • Reduce your electric energy input
  • Lower your energy bills
  • Access a hot water system that doesn’t require gas (less chance of leaks)

If you want to install a heat pump hot water system in your home, it’s critical to hire an experienced team of installation professionals. At AC Plumbing, we can install all types of heat pump hot water systems sold in Brisbane. We also offer replacement services to clients with existing hot water systems. 

If you’d like more information about this type of hot water system, or if you need help sourcing the perfect appliance for your home, get in touch with our team today.  

Instantaneous Hot Water System Installation

Instantaneous hot water systems are excellent for Brisbane homeowners that want a compact heating system that provides instant hot water. These systems are also called ‘tankless’ hot water systems because they don’t store water internally. Due to their design, instantaneous hot water systems must be positioned close to your home’s water source. 

At AC Plumbing, we can source and install instantaneous hot water systems. What are the benefits of this unique system?

  • Extremely compact design
  • No inconvenient water tank
  • Instantaneous heating that ensures you don’t run out of hot water

If you’re interested in upgrading to an instantaneous system, we offer comprehensive installation and replacement services. We’re happy to install an existing system or help you pick the best appliance for your home. 

Hot Water System Repairs

While our team at AC Plumbing is known for hot water installation services, we also provide repair solutions. If you’re experiencing issues with your home’s hot water system, we offer timely and affordable repair services for all major brands and models. We can repair electric, gas, solar, heat pump, and instantaneous hot water systems in Brisbane. 

Below are some signs that you need hot water system repair services:

  • You no longer have access to hot water in your showers or taps.
  • Your hot water system is leaking. 
  • Your hot water system is making unexplainable noises. 
  • Your shower runs out of hot water quickly. 
  • Your water flow has reduced. 
  • You notice a gas smell coming from your gas heater (call emergency services and leave your home).

If you’re experiencing any of the above issues, don’t hesitate to contact AC Plumbing. Not only do we provide reliable repair services to our clients in Brisbane, but we also offer a 24/7 emergency plumbing repair service. If you’re experiencing a severe hot water or plumbing issue, our technicians are on the clock both day and night.

Access the leading hot water installation and repair services in Brisbane, QLD, by calling AC Plumbing at 1300 161 615. We’re always available to help!


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Steve Goodwin


Contacted by Facebook 7pm to ask about fixing a concealed leak. Responded almost immediately, organised to come out next day. Turned up earlier, found the leak quickly and fixed that, as well as upgrading some taps, and replacing a water pump…
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The AC team were great. From the very first phone call with Leanne to Andrew turning up the team were professional and friendly. Andrew made helpful observations and did a great (and fast) job of getting the job done.
Kevin Perry


Highly recommend. I called AC Plumbing at 11:30am to get a quote on replacing a Hot Water system. They were there in 30 minutes and the quote was very reasonable. I booked with them straight away and the job was done in under 4 hours…
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