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Clean drinking water is essential to a good quality of life in modern communities. Ensuring that the water stays clean and free of pollutants and contaminants is not an easy task. Backflow prevention plays a vital role in that process.

If you would like to make sure that your property is not the cause of pollution and contamination of the public water supply, make sure to contact AC Plumbing for backflow prevention testing Brisbane. We provide the best backflow prevention testing service in the Brisbane area. Call us at 1300 161 615, and one of our certified technicians will be en route to your property in no time.

Backflow Prevention Testing Plumber in Brisbane

In general, backflow prevention devices and thermostatic mixing valves connect to water tanks, fire hose reels, or irrigation systems. As with all devices, they need to be regularly tested, maintained, repaired, or replaced, to ensure that no contaminated backflow reaches the public water supply. 

AC Plumbing hires only the best-qualified plumbers, certified to work on backflow prevention devices and thermostatic mixing valves. We make sure that your property is in full compliance with the Brisbane City Council regulations.

What is a Backflow Prevention Device?

The device acts as a backflow preventer that stops the reverse flow of polluted or contaminated water back into the city’s drinking water supply. Backflow usually occurs when water pressure in the water supply mains is lower than that in the pipes in your home.

As a result of the difference in water pressures, a vacuum may form in the water main, causing a reverse flow of water to the water main. If the water supply on your property has pollutants and contaminants, it could lead to dangerous consequences, as they are introduced back into the city’s water supply.

How Often Do Backflow Prevention Devices Need Testing?

If you live in the Brisbane area, you are probably aware that Brisbane City Council requires annual testing of backflow prevention devices, to ensure the safety of drinking water consumed by the residents in the area. Every year, residents must complete backflow water testing on their homes and provide the proof by December 31st.

Bear in mind that this is a minimum legal requirement in the Brisbane area. If your plumbing and backflow prevention device has seen better days, you should investigate replacing parts or the whole system in the future, or do inspections and testing regularly. It will help you avoid a potentially catastrophic failure of the device in the future.

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Make sure that your drinking water is safe and your home complies with the backflow prevention testing regulations of the Brisbane City Council. By contacting AC Plumbing, you will entrust these tasks to a team of certified experts with experience serving the Brisbane community.

Give us a call at 1300 161 615 and set up an inspection and testing of your backflow prevention device.


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